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It Girl

A few months ago, a jewelry subscription service called Rocksbox reached out to me about a collaboration. I was initially hesitant to work with them since I've never been the kind of person who wears a lot of jewelry (I'm way too absentminded to keep track of most of my accessories!), but after researching the brand and seeing other bloggers' amazing reviews, I decided to participate in their It Girl program. Basically, I got a free three month subscription to their service so that I could share my own impressions of Rocksbox with all of you. 

How Does It Work?

Rocksbox is a subscription service for jewelry that is very similar to BaubleBar. When you first sign up for an account, you take a style survey that gives the Rocksbox team insight into your jewelry preferences. Once you've taken the survey, you're immediately prompted to start adding jewelry to your wishlist - you'll usually receive at least one item from it in each set. 

Ignore all my open tabs! This is what the Style Survey looks like. 

Ignore all my open tabs! This is what the Style Survey looks like. 

Once you've filled out the survey and become a Shine Insider (basically, adding your shipping and billing information), your first set will be put together and mailed to you! Wait time for the sets wasn't particularly long - I think my very first set took 4 days to get to me, and the rest of them usually made it to me within 2-3 business days. 

And this is what the Wish List area of the site looks like. I mostly used this area to see what jewelry they had in stock before returning my sets. 

And this is what the Wish List area of the site looks like. I mostly used this area to see what jewelry they had in stock before returning my sets. 

Each set will come with a special box and return label so that you can mail back the pieces you no longer want. You won't receive a new set until you've either purchased or returned your last one! Luckily, a subscription guarantees that you'll have $10 in Shine Spend to use each month toward the purchase of any pieces you want to keep permanently. 

Rocksbox also encourages referrals by giving each user a personalized referral code. The codes all grant the user a free month of the service and the referrer $25 in Shine Spend. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic cost is $19 per month. That fee will get you unlimited jewelry rentals and $10 in Shine Spend each month. If you find yourself continuously buying the pieces you were sent, though, that price will increase significantly since each set is worth around $200. You can also use my promo code to get your first month of Rocksbox free! It's ELLABFF16.

What Do You Think of It?

Set #1 - Everything was lovely. Also, isn't the packaging darling?

Set #1 - Everything was lovely. Also, isn't the packaging darling?

My first set was perfect. It had one piece from my wishlist (the Gorjana crossover ring), one pair of Kendra Scott earrings that my mom immediately stole from me, and a delicate little Sophie Harper necklace that I would never have chosen for myself but ended up falling in love with.

My second and third sets were not as well chosen. While I liked one or two pieces from both of them, I wasn't obsessed enough to keep anything. I did end up wearing everything from each set for a few weeks before returning them. You can't return the pieces from a set individually because you're only given one return label and you won't receive another one if you've already used it to send back a pair of earrings, or a necklace, instead of all three pieces of jewelry from your set. Rocksbox also doesn't send you a new set until your whole set has either been returned or purchased, which I think is their biggest flaw at the moment. I ended up holding onto sets that I didn't particularly keep just so I could wear one piece for a few more days. 

Once I started using the wish list function more often, my sets rapidly improved. You can also add items to your wishlist by commenting #wishlist on any of the photos on the Rocksbox instagram page, which is how I usually add to mine. My last few sets have been spot on! I've gotten seasonal pieces to wear to coffee or class for a few days before returning them & I've gotten more classic necklaces and earrings to add to my permanent collection. 

Final Verdict

8/10 Rocksbox is perfect for me since I'm not at all adventurous with jewelry. It's exposed me to styles & brands that I would never have looked at on my own! The packaging is adorable and makes the delivery of every new set feel like an event. However, if you are very selective when it comes to jewelry or you typically rewear the same few pieces every day, this isn't the service for you. As subscribes, we have almost no say in what pieces we'll receive - and even if you only love one piece in a set and don't care for the rest of it, you still either have to commit to trying all three or returning the whole set before you can see new jewelry.  

Disclaimer: My Rocksbox membership was complimentary through their RB It Girl program. I wasn't required to write this review and all opinions expressed in it are my own. 

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