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Review: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were provided to me by Daniel Wellington. I did not receive any monetary compensation to feature this post on my blog and all opinions expressed here are my own. 


When I first joined Instagram last year, I found myself mystified by the amount of people sporting Daniel Wellington watches. It seemed like every user I followed had at least one and was offering a discount code and also probably had a child/dog/boyfriend named Daniel or Wellington and - well, you get the idea. Chances are, you've seen it for yourself. Daniel Wellington's tagline should honestly be: You Know Who We Are. 

And for good reason. I did my first collaboration - an Instagram post and month-long discount code for my followers - last November. In January, I bought another watch (the Classy Sheffield) and started telling pretty much everyone I know about the brand. I've never had such a consistently wonderful experience with a brand both as an influencer and as a customer. So when Linnea from Daniel Wellington's Marketing Team reached out to me last month to ask about doing another sponsored post, I couldn't say yes fast enough. 

About the Brand

Daniel Wellington is so ubiquitous on social media that it's hard to believe the brand is only four years old.  A precocious young upstart of a brand, it was founded by a Swedish entrepreneur who found himself intrigued by a stranger's customized watch - a Rolex watch face worn on a NATO (woven Nylon, commonly used by the British military during World War 2) strap - during a backpacking trip in Australia. DW watches combine Scandinavian minimalism with preppy, Ralph Lauren-inspired straps and have proven to be enormously popular.  

My new watch with my boxes that my Classy Sheffield and Classic Sheffield came in. 

My new watch with my boxes that my Classy Sheffield and Classic Sheffield came in. 

How I Chose My Watch

I already had a Classy Sheffield and a Classic Sheffield, which both have rose gold hardware and black leather bands, so when I was considering a new watch I knew I would end up getting one with either silver hardware or a different colored band. I ended up going with the Classic Bristol for two reasons: 

  1. I loved the look of the brown leather band. Daniel Wellington is known for the NATO straps they offer, and several of my friends love the styles which offer them, but I just can't picture myself wearing a watch without a leather band. I have an Apple Watch with a rubber strap and even that feels too casual for everyday wear - I pretty much only wear it while working out or on vacation. 
  2. The rose gold metal they use for their watch faces is just so gorgeous. I really should have gone for a silver watch to go along with my cooler toned clothes & silver jewelry, but every time I wear my other rose gold watches I spend at least a minute rotating my wrist so the metal catches the light and admiring it. Even though I was worried about the rose gold clashing with most of my yellow gold jewelry, the rose gold Daniel Wellington uses for its watches actually coordinates very well with my accessories. None of the watches come in warmer metals like brass or yellow gold, so it's a relief that their rose gold watches aren't as cool toned as most other rose golds I've seen. 

Whenever I'm debating a new accessory, try to consider when you'll be wearing it and what you'll be wearing it with. Although I wear all of my Daniel Wellington watches very regularly, and was grateful to have the opportunity to add another one to my collection, I really didn't need another one. You could definitely limit yourself to one and never need another one if you pick the right one for your wardrobe!

Shipping & Packaging

Daniel Wellington offers free worldwide shipping if you buy directly from their website and after receiving three watches from them (two were provided for review purposes and one that I bought myself) I can verify that their customer service is pretty much perfect. I got a shipping confirmation moments after I placed my order, and a UPS tracking number within an hour. I've never had to wait longer than two business days to receive my watches from them, and when the box itself arrived, the packaging has always been fairly high quality. 

My watch arrived in their Christmas gift box, which is slightly different from their standard packaging. Unlike the boxes that my first two watches came in, this one was actually two boxes - a plain, white, ribbon-covered box  and a smaller brown box that unfolded to reveal the watch within. Hidden beneath the brown box was a gift tag, warranty information, and a small screwdriver for removing the strap. Everything felt very substantial and high quality, which was a nice surprise considering the watch's retail price. 

About the Watch

The Classic Bristol has the same 36 mm watch face as my Classic Sheffield. It's rather large on me - the watch face pretty much covers my whole wrist - but I love the oversize, borrowed-from-the-boys feel of it. Whenever I wear my Classic Sheffield someone stops and compliments me or asks where I got my watch, which partially influenced my decision to opt for the larger watch face again. The Classy series from Daniel Wellington is an understated, more ladylike option for those of you who don't favor menswear-inspired accessories, featuring a much smaller, 26 mm watch face and small rhinestones around the face. 

Quality on Daniel Wellington watches is pretty great for a casual, fashion watch. I've worn my Sheffields pretty consistently for a year and they've held up very well; there aren't any scratches on the watch faces and the only wear I've seen on the band has been that the leather has bent to fit my wrist. The Classic Bristol looks and feels very similar to my other two DW watches. The only difference I've noticed so far is that the leather feels slightly stiffer than I remember the black leather feeling, but that could just because it's still so new. Hopefully after a few weeks of wear I'll be able to report back on the state of the band! 

Report Card:

Design: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Durability: 4/5



You can purchase Daniel Wellington watches online from their website and get 15% off by using my discount code thirteenoctobers. The watches are also available at Bloomingdale's. You can view a list of DW stockists here

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