Midi Dress, Mini Blogger

This week, I headed to the Reston Town Center to run a few errands (go to Sephora, really) and meet up with my friend Niharika. Since February is the month of love, I really wanted to try expanding my wardrobe with something festive to wear on Valentine's Day. Luckily, I found this dress on sale at Urban Outfitters! Buying it felt like a very risky decision; at 5'2", midi dresses often feel like a trend for other people. I'm really glad I did, though. Who knew skin-tight midi dresses in a red best described as Stop and Stare could be casual?


This was also the first time in ages that I let my hair air dry! I normally blow dry it straight or apply a ton of product to tame it, but I've been trying to repair some of the damage I did to it over Christmas break. Going completely product free was a bit nerve-racking at first, but I stopped feeling self-conscious once I realized that my unruly hair was actually helping the midi dress look more casual. I really wanted an outfit that I could run around on a casual afternoon in, so I trotted out the two faithful staples of every girl looking to tone down a dress: a denim jacket and Chucks. Don't worry - next time you see this dress, I have a feeling my outfit will be a lot more adventurous. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are there any items in your closet that you're still afraid to wear? Or trends that you wouldn't dream of trying? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear stories about how you conquered your fashion fears.