Week in Review: 2/19/2016

February after Valentine's Day is the embodiment of the word dreary. Everything from the puddles in parking lots to the frozen stiff expressions on the faces of people passing by seems sort of slushy. Being surrounded by melting snow, grey skies, and frigid wind definitely dampened my desire to go out this week. Instead, I stayed in and spent my evenings writing letters, planning trips, and dreaming of warm weather. 

Today, I thought I'd share some of the different things I've been using to deal with my case of the midwinter doldrums. 

Spring Trends

While making a wishlist for my spring wardrobe, I found myself gravitating toward trendier items than I had in the past. As recently as last autumn, I couldn't bear the idea of wearing a pair of mules or (quelle horreur!) culottes. I'm planning a few quick trips this spring, though, and the best part of packing for them will be getting to test drive outfits that I might not be brave enough to wear at home. 

Weekend Reading