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"Honey, I love you," That's all she wrote. 
- The Lumineers, "Ophelia"

Don't you love realizing you've been humming a new song under your breath all day? I feel like that's the moment you know you're truly obsessed with it. I haven't been able to stop singing along to Lissie, Dua Lipa, Leon Bridges, and ZAYN all week, so I thought I'd throw together a little playlist for March. It'll be interesting to check back here in a few weeks and see what's changed since I'll be adding to it as the month goes on! 

I love love love discovering new music and it feels like I can never keep up with all the artists releasing new material these days, so do you have any recommendations? New bands or old favorites? I'd love to hear them! Also, I don't know if the monthly playlists will become a regular feature of the blog, so let me know what you think! 

48 Hours in Santiago

Week in Review: 2/26/2016

Week in Review: 2/26/2016