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Faded Florals & Thigh-High Boots

Free People makes some of my all-time favorite clothing - especially dresses. I've got dresses and tunics from them in my closet that are almost ten years old, but that look fresh enough to wear years later. My favorite pieces tend to sell out fast, so I usually end up buying multiples of something I really love just in case I regret not snagging one when I had the chance. Last fall, I picked up the Electric Orchid Tunic in burgundy from my local Free People and wore it so often during the holidays that I ended up going back for a blue one that I could wear year-round. I wish I'd gotten the green or white, too, since I've worn the two I have almost once a week since I got them, but they're both out of stock! 

Luckily, I found a really great Spring/Summer alternative for the Electric Orchid Tunic that comes in almost as many colors. It's called the Faded Floral Tunic and it's amazing: billowy, so you can really let loose and eat at lunch without getting uncomfortable; it has a subtle high-low hem for extra coverage when you're bending over; and features the cutest little keyhole neckline. It runs true-to-size. I'm pretty petite, so I tried it on in both XS and S and they didn't differ too much. The small had larger armholes and a looser neckline, but was almost the same length and width as the x-small. I ended up getting the x-small just so it'd be short enough to wear as a proper tunic over leggings or jeans on chilly nights. Note: this tunic is very wide and flowy, which I love, but I wouldn't wear it as a dress without a pair of shorts underneath it unless you want to try your best impression of Marilyn Monroe standing over that grate. 

I've been wearing this top with pretty much everything I own since it's so versatile, but today I ended up throwing it on over these Brandy Melville shorts so I could wear them with my trusty Lowland boots and my new mini satchel from Scaramanga. I really love the contrast between the over-the-knee boot and the floral dress, since I normally wear them with leggings or jeans. I can't wait to try other combinations with this tunic! 

Would you purchase your favorite clothes in multiple colors or does having just the one version make your favorite item seem more special?

Romping Around

Week in Review: 3/12/2016

Week in Review: 3/12/2016