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Return of the Romper

My hair is literally always in my face.

My hair is literally always in my face.

Free People Romper (on sale here) // Scaramanga Backpack

Rag & Bone Boots (sold out, similar here and here for under $100)

Even though I've been sick lately, I haven't been able to resist the call of the outdoors. Spring is finally properly here and it's glorious. Helloooo warm weather and budding trees and tulips and soft grass and picnics! Last week was particularly wonderful for me since I found time to go hiking, flower picking, or exploring every day. I've got an entire camera roll full of outfits and park photos to share with you (along with all of the photos from Montreal AND two more posts from Chile -- apologies from this humble blogger, I do have mono and school and work and, most unfortunately, a tendency to procrastinate) so I thought I'd start with one of my favorite recent looks. 

I recently discovered how much I love rompers, so of course I wasted no time in buying 902520495 more (only a very very slight exaggeration -- I am running out of room in my closet). This Free People romper is hands down my favorite of my new acquisitions. It fits like a glove and I love that it can be worn in the very off-the-shoulder silhouette or as a regular three-quarter sleeve romper. I'm very petite and short-torso-ed, so it's usually very difficult for me to find pieces that really fit me without any alterations. If you're taller or have a long torso, this might not be the best piece for you, fit-wise, so I've linked a few similar options below. I've been wearing it so much lately, but for this outing to a new park by my apartment I paired it with my go-to Rag & Bone ankle boots and a mini-backpack for all my walking essentials. 

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