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Wandering Waterford

I've been an Aspiring Wine Mom since I was 15 (basically, when I got my first tumblr account), so I'm honestly shocked that I'd never spent time in Waterford before this year. The tiny town of Waterford, Virginia is only a short drive away from where I grew up. I drove through it while on my way to Terra Nebulo and thought it looked like a storybook village, so naturally the next time I had a free afternoon I grabbed my friend Sarah and went exploring. She was game enough to be my model for this impromptu little photoshoot, and I think the photos turned out really well. If you're looking for a quick bite to eat or a great backdrop for your next IG post (let's be real–you're definitely going to Waterford for a new profile photo, so pack a sundress and a smile) definitely make the trip! It's only an hour away from DC, sandwiched between half a dozen wineries, and is one of the only two towns in the country where the entire town is a National Historic Landmark (so you can feel cultured while you day drink). 


Waterford at a Glance

Where to Stay: Grace Cottage. This restored historic church is the stuff of weekend getaway dreams. 

What to Do: The W&OD trail runs through town, and there are dozens of quiet back roads to take your bike out on. Waterford is perfect if you want to picnic or explore local wineries. 

Where to Eat: Terra Nebulo, Stone Tower, Sunset Hills, Winery 52, and Village Winery are all nearby. Village Winery is even in walking distance of Grace Cottage, so be sure to stop by and try the viognier! 


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