The Basics


Ella is a student, digital media intern, wanderer, and compulsive coffee drinker. She spends way too much time on the internet looking at photos of boy bands, reading about dead Russian royalty, and hoping for Hamilton tickets. She's frequently guilty of dressing for the weather she wants instead of the weather she has. One time she spent a week stalking the Spanish National Football Team just so she could shake Sergio Ramos's hand (it was awesome). She has an unhealthy fixation with bats, winged eyeliner, and Lord of the Rings. Ella understands the importance of community service, so if anyone needs to donate an otter, puppy, or member of One Direction to her, she'd be more than willing to provide a loving home.

In other words, Thirteen Octobers is a place to follow along as one lonely coffee bean comes of age in the big, bad world. 

For inquiries, collaborations, or just requests to have a cup of coffee, you can reach her at    

Why Thirteen Octobers?

It's my birthday! Autumn is my favorite time of the year and so it's also when I'm at my best and most productive. Something about changing leaves, school starting, and the promise of holidays just around the corner inspires me to become the very best version of myself. It's a feeling I'm trying to hold onto during the rest of the year - and one that I think encapsulates my own feelings towards this blog.  

What Will I Find Here?

A little of everything, hopefully. Think of it like a salad. Thirteen Octobers is meant to be a public diary, of sorts. I've spent so much time learning about the world from the blogs and websites of other people, that I felt it was time to start contributing my own opinions to the conversation. From beauty reviews and outfit ideas to interviews with other young women doing great things in the world and the occasional playlist or event preview, hopefully there will be something to benefit everyone!  

Sponsorships & Collaborations

Sponsored posts and collaborations with brands appear both on this site and on my Instagram feed. If I received a product to review or received any compensation to write a post, it will always be disclosed through a note at the beginning of the post or the #ad in the caption of the Instagram photo. I only ever post my actual thoughts and feelings regarding a product in my review. If a brand specifies that I can only write positive things about the product or in any way alter my honest opinion of the company or the items I have received, I decline the sponsorship.

I also use affiliate links on most of my outfit of the day & fashion posts. This means that I receive a commission if you click one of the links in the post, even if you don't end up purchasing anything. Because of this, I really appreciate any extra clicks you feel like giving me! The posts containing affiliate links are only a small percentage of the content I post on this blog, but they do help defray the cost of maintaining it. 

Contributors & Guest Posts

Thirteen Octobers is first and foremost my online diary. While sometimes I feature guest posts from friends or people I admire, I don't intend to accept regular contributions from anyone. If you have an idea for a post, feel free to send me an email! However, any unsolicited submissions for blog posts will be deleted.